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September 9th, 2009

aMy editor reminds me that one of the purposes of this blog is the continued promotion of “Poorly Made in China.” To that end, a few links to recent book reviews with excerpts:

  1. Forbes — “Some critics say ‘Poorly Made in China’ is far too negative about China’s manufacturing record. I hope they’re right. My reading is that Midler faced the sort of challenges that can confront any foreigner doing business in China’s fiercely competitive economy. His insights about this one business subculture–export manufacturing–offer worthwhile lessons for anybody thinking of coming to China…” (Gady Epstein)
  2. South China Morning Post (subscription req’d) — “Chinese manufacturers’ main tactic for increasing profits is ‘quality fade.’ This is the incremental, almost imperceptible degradation of a product by reducing the quality and quantity of raw material inputs. The product starts out built to specifications, but the longer the relationship continues, the more creative are the ways the manufacturer finds to cut costs.” (April Rabkin)
  3. Now Toronto. “After reading this investigative travelogue, you won’t look at the  label “Made in China” the same way.” (David Silverberg)

If you’ve already read PMIC, please look for other books. Help support the publishing industry in this tough economy by spending more on the printed word. Whatever you do, stop reading blogger-dreck! Lots of great books in the marketplace these days, seriously…


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